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About Institute :

Alwar Pharmacy College, is established in 2004 and managed by All India Society for Advance Education & Research, is solely devoted to the growth and development of Pharmacy Education in Rajasthan State. The member of the society includes eminent educationists, highly qualified professionals in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Science & Technology and other allied subjects. As the demand for Quality Technical Institute in Rajasthan state, All India Society for Advance Education & Research ventured into the field of Technical Edsucation in year 1998 by establishing first private Engineering College of Rajasthan named “Institute of Engineering & Technology”. "Alwar Pharmacy College" is next step to achieve the motto of institution.

Alwar Pharmacy College is located at Matsya Industrial Area, Alwar, just adjacent to the Institute of Engineering & Technology (BE Degree Engineering College). There are one Engineering College, one MBA & MCA College, all this surrounding of educational institutions provides an exceptionally good academic and cultural environment for all-round growth of the students. Alwar Pharmacy College campus is being developed with lush green lawns and beautiful landscaping.

Our Vision :
  • To provide world-class infrastructure & facilities.
  • To train and educate, undergraduate level pharmacists of outstanding ability who can become leaders in industries and profession.
  • To become a premier institute of Pharmaceutical Education in the state of Rajasthan.
  • To establish linkage with Pharmaceutical industries and academic institutions.
  • To offer education in Pharmaceutical and other related areas comparable to be best in the country.
  • To assist students in finding suitable placement in various Pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, education and research fields etc.
  • To carry out advanced research and development in various pharmacological technologies and their scientific, industrial and financial applications.
Our Mission :

To build an institution, brick by brick, through sustainable efforts with an environment which empowers the faculty and staff to facilitate teaching learning process with active participation and encourages the students to develop competencies for life long learning and learning to learn with following inputs / outputs.

  • State of the art infrastructure
  • IndustryAcademia Interface
  • Faculty and staff development initiative
  • Inculcating human values and ethical behaviour
  • Research & Development activities.
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