I.I.I. CELL
       47th N.P.W.
       Pharmacy Week
       TB Day Camp.
Awareness Campaign :

A public campaign to create awareness about tuberculosis was conducted on 24th March 2009 to commemorate World TB Day by the students of Alwar Pharmacy College, Alwar. Students, faculty and staff actively participated in it.
“I am Stopping TB”
was the slogan of the TB control campaign this year. The Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital, Alwar and the Government TB Hospital, Alwar supported the campaign.

Canopies at six different places in Alwar were set up by students themselves and all the six places were equipped with banners and posters visualizing various aspects of tuberculosis. The campaign was being organized to increase the rate of detection of TB patients. All the volunteers tried to talk to as many persons as they can. Many of these people were cooperating in a big way by getting their suggestions, advices and by asking valuable questions. Everyone was having the aim as “If we can save one person from this fatal disease, it’s a victory of our campaign”.

The campaign also aimed at popularizing the Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS), which was proved an effective method of treatment of TB patients. Persons were made aware that the test of TB and the treatment is being done free of cost in the government hospitals. All these information were useful for the people as they were showing their enthusiasm and despite of their busy schedule, they were listening to us and understanding the facts about TB. A day program, which began at 08:00 hrs, concluded at 18:00 hrs with a satisfaction.

A foot rally was also held on 23rd March 2009 throughout the Alwar city as a part of TB awareness campaign and can be regarded as the starter of the big campaigning, which was to be followed. The main aim was of this rally was to make people aware about the TB and to promote DOTS in which around 200 Pharmacy students participated and distributed pamphlets to around 5000 people round the city. These pamphlets consist of the various aspects of TB including symptoms, causes and treatment.

The organizing committee acknowledges the management of Alwar Pharmacy College, Dr. V. K. Agarwal, Chairman and Sh. Sanjay Prakash Garg, Director for the support rendered to this campaign. Also the committee acknowledges the Collector of Alwar District, Police Officials, P.M.O of Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Alwar, C.M.O of Government TB Hospital, Alwar for the approvals sanctioned to conduct the Rally & Campaign successfully.

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