Our Teaching Staff

Alwar Pharmacy College is one of the best atmospheres for serving as a faculty, as a non-teaching staff and ministerial staff. The college has a full strength of teaching faculties for all the departments as per the norms of AICTE, Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and Rajasthan University of Health Sciences. Dr. Jeyabalan. G, M. Pharm, Ph.D, the Principal heads the team of the college and is supported by 26 faculties with PG qualification in Pharmacy, and 03 faculties for Mathematics, Computer Science and Accountancy. There are part time faculties to teach English for the students suffer with lack of skills in English language and for the personality development of the students. There are enough number of laboratory staff and ministerial staff for the even implementation of the college.

01.Dr. G. JeyabalanPharmacognosyProfessor & Principal01/08/2007
02.Dr. Manju AgarwalPhysiology & PharmacologyProfessor / Exe. Director17/07/2014
03.Dr. Md Zaheen Hassan AnsariPharmaceutical ChemistryProfessor05/08/2007
04.Dr. HabibullahPharmaceutical ChemistryAssociate Professor14/11/2009
05.Dr. Rajesh SharmaPharmaceuticsAssociate Professor01/10/2007
06.Dr. Gurpreet SinghPharmaceutics AssociateProfessor13/03/2008
07.Mr. Praveen Kumar GoyalPharmacognosyAssociate Professor19/11/2012
08.Dr. Gaurav Kumar SoniPharmacologyAssociate Professor12/03/2020
09.Dr. Pankaj DuaDoctor of PharmacyAssistant Professor01/04/2016
10.Mr. Naresh Kr. ChoudharyPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor15/06/2015
11.Mr. Nitin JumnaniPharmacologyAssistant Professor08/11/2016
12.Mr. Rakesh GuptaPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor26/09/2015
13.Mr. Azaz AhmadPharmacologyAssistant Professor26/09/2015
14.Mr. Shashi RanjanPharmacologyAssistant Professor26/09/2015
15.Mr. Vinod Kumar PatelPharmacologyAssistant Professor29/06/2015
16.Ms. Tahira KhanPharmacologyAssistant Professor17/11/2016
17.Ms. Pinkey JaimanPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor27/01/2018
18.Ms. Neha SharmaPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor01/09/2016
19.Mr. Oma Kant GuptaPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor02/01/2019
20.Mr. Raman Bihari GuptaPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor02/01/2019
21.Mr. Ramesh KumarPharmacologyAssistant Professor04/01/2019
22.Mrs. Anupam AnandPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor02/01/2019
23.Ms. Supriya KumariPharmaceuticsAssistant Professor04/01/2019
24.Mr. Sahroon KhanPharmaceutical ChemistryAssistant Professor03/10/2019
25.Mr. Pavan KumarComputer & MathematicsAssistant Professor01/08/2015
26.Mr. Sandeep KumarPharmacyLecturer02/01/2019
27.Mr. Krishan KumarPharmacyLecturer26/08/2019