Campus Infrastructure

The Management of Alwar Pharmacy College is a promising squad with a commitment to formulate the college as a well-versed academic establishment in the country for Pharmacy Education and Research. Infra structural facilities, that are fashioned for Alwar Pharmacy College is enlisted under various subtitles for the convenient manifestation of the academy.

The Pharmacy curriculum comprises four major branches of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy and encompasses Pharmaceutical Analysis and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology as a viaduct to understand the industrial developments of the recent era by the students. Apart from these Pharmaceutical sciences the under graduate students of Pharmacy are educated basics of Chemistry, Business Mathematics, Biostatistics, Accountancy, Commerce, Engineering drawing, Chemical Engineering, etc.

Buildings Facilities

Based on the curricular requirements the building for Alwar Pharmacy College is designed with a Two-Story building with a total carpet area of 3,100 Sq.M for the academic and administrative utilities. Adequate numbers of rooms are available in the boys and girls hostels to accommodate the total approved strength of the institution. The building is well furnished with required fixtures for classroom, laboratories, library, animal house, rest rooms, seminar hall and common rooms and fitted with required water, drainage, luminance and ventilation accessories..

Class Rooms

There are six classrooms for conducting theory and tutorial classes for the students of Alwar Pharmacy College. All the classrooms are well lit and well ventilated. Individual chair and table are provided for every student. Every classroom if fitted with amplifier and acoustic system for the ease of the faculties who are provided with a collar microphone. Audiovisual aids like charts and overhead projectors are also furnished in all the classrooms and the LCD projector is provided optionally to the aspiring faculty members.


Alwar Pharmacy College is contained with Twenty (20) spacious, well stocked laboratories to perform various experiments in the sciences of Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutics Lab4 x 90 Sq. M.
Machine Room1 x 90 Sq. M.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab4 x 90 Sq. M.
Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab1 x 90 Sq. M.
Instrumental Analysis Lab1 x 90 Sq. M.
Pharmacology Lab2 x 90 Sq. M.
Animal House1 x 90 Sq. M.
Pharmacognosy Lab2 x 90 Sq. M.
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Lab1 x 90 Sq. M.
Pharmacy Practice Lab1 x 90 Sq. M.
Computer Lab2 x 90 Sq. M.

Central Library

Total No of Books 8374
Total No of Titles in Library1593
Total No of CDs (Compact Disc)105
Total No of Journals28
Total No of Subscription of Indian Magazines07
Subscription of Newspapers05
Date Computerization of LibraryYes (LibMan)
Classification Scheme AdoptsDDC (21st Edition)
Cataloguing Code AdoptsAACR-II
Library Timing9:00 am to 6:00 pm
No of Computers12 Nos.
Journal Magazines Stand02
Library Counter02

Play Ground

The college is provided with a sprawling campus and playground facilities are available for the sports like basketball, football, volleyball, cricket, throw ball and track is available for athletics. Indoor games are also provided to the students and faculties in the rest room.

Other Supporting Facilities

  • The college campus has an out-patient service department with a medical officer and an assistant.
  • The college has one Ambulance for the Medical Emergency services to the students and the faculties.
  • The day scholars of the college are provided Bus services at their doorsteps from the city, Alwar and nearby villages.
  • An extension counter of Punjab National Bank is operated with all banking services including 24×7 ATM counter