Our Teaching Staff

Alwar Pharmacy College is one of the best atmospheres for serving as a faculty, as a non-teaching staff and ministerial staff. The college has a full strength of teaching faculties for all the departments as per the norms of the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and Rajasthan University of Health Sciences(RUHS). Dr. Jeyabalan. G, M. Pharm, Ph.D, the Principal, leads the team of the faculties. There are 29 faculties of Pharmacy qualification, and 03 other faculties for Mathematics, Computer Science and Human Anatomy and Communication Skills along with Personality Development Programme.
S No.Name of facultyDesignationDate of joiningQualification, Year of M. Pharm/ Pharm.D and SpecializationTotal experience as on 31st Dec. of the currentacademic year/ Experience after PG
1Dr. G. JeyabalanPrincipal01-08-2007M.Pharm, Ph.D., PGDMM, 1998 Pharmacognosy29 Years & 24 Years
2Dr. Rajesh SharmaProfessor01-10-2007M.Pharm, Ph.D., 2019Pharmaceutics15 Years & 12 Years
3Dr Narendra SinghProfessor15-12-2021M.Pharm, Ph.D., 2019Pharmaceutical Chemistry14 Years & 14 Years
4Dr. Praveen Kumar GoyalProfessor19-11-2012M.Pharm, Ph.D., 2022Pharmacognosy10 Years & 10 Years
5Dr Chandra KumarAsso. Prof.15-09-2022M.Pharm, Ph.D., 2022Pharmaceutics4 Years & 4 Years
6Mr Amit VashisthAsst. Prof.15-09-2022M.Pharm, 2015Pharmacology7 Years & 7 Years
7Mr Gaurav AgrawalAsso. Prof.18-01-2021M.Pharm, 2013 Pharmaceutical Chemistry9 Years & 9 Years
8Mr. Naresh Kumar ChoudharyAsst. Prof.15-04-2014M.Pharm, 2014Pharmaceutics8 Years & 8 Years
9Mr. Rakesh GuptaAsso. Prof.26-09-2015M.Pharm, 2014Pharmaceutics7 Years & 7 Years
10Mr. Azaz AhmadAsso. Prof.26-09-2015M.Pharm, 2015Pharmacology7 Years & 7 Years
11Mr. Shashi RanjanAsso. Prof.26-09-2015M.Pharm, 2015Pharmacology7 Years & 7 Years
12Mr. Vinod Kumar PatelAsso. Prof.29-06-2015M.Pharm, 2015Pharmacology7 Years & 7 Years
13Ms. Pinkey JaimanAsstt. Prof.27-01-2018M.Pharm, 2018Pharmaceutics5 Years & 5 Years
14Ms. Neha SharmaAsstt. Prof.27-01-2018M.Pharm, 2018Pharmaceutics5 Years & 5 Years
15Mr. Omakant GuptaAsstt. Prof.02-01-2019M.Pharm, 2015Pharmaceutics4 Years & 4 Years
16Mr. Raman Bihari GuptaAsstt. Prof.02-01-2019M.Pharm, 2013Quality Assurance4 Years & 4 Years
17Mr. Ramesh KumarAsstt. Prof.04-01-2019M.Pharm, 2013Pharmacology4 Years & 4 Years
18Mrs. Anupam AnandAsstt. Prof.02-01-2019M.Pharm, 2019Pharmaceutics4 Years & 4 Years
19Mrs. Supriya KumariAsstt. Prof.04-01-2019M.Pharm, 2016Pharmaceutics4 Years & 4 Years
20Mr. Rahul KhanAsstt. Prof.08-10-2021M.Pharm, 2016Pharmaceutics2 Years & 2 Years
21Mr. Samsad KhanAsstt. Prof.20-09-2021M.Pharm, 2018Pharmacology4 Years & 4 Years
22Mr. Sahroon KhanAsstt. Prof.03-10-2019M.Pharm, 2019 Pharmaceutical Chemistry3 Years & 3 Years
23Ms. Parvinder KaurAsstt. Prof.08-03-2021M.Pharm, 2021 Pharmaceutical Chemistry2 Years & 2 Years
24Mrs. Sonia AgarwalAsstt. Prof.15-12-2021M.Pharm, 2013 Pharmaceutical Chemistry1 Year & 1 Year
25Mr. Keshav GautamAsstt. Prof.01-12-2021M.Pharm, 2013Quality Assurance1 Year & 1 Year
26Mr. Krishan KumarAsstt. Prof.01-07-2022M.Pharm, 2022Pharmaceutics1 Year & Fresh after PG
27Ms. ChandrikaAsstt. Prof.16-08-2022M.Pharm, 2022PharmacologyFresher
28Mr. Sandeep KumarLecturer02-01-2019B.Pharm.,3 Years, pursuing PG on study leave.
29Ms. Umesh GuptaLecturer25-07-2022B.Pharm.,Only professional experience
30Mr. Keshav GiriLecturer16-08-2022B.Pharm.,1 Year, pursuing PG on study leave.
31Mr. Lokesh SainiLecturer16-08-2022B.Pharm.,1 Year, pursuing PG on study leave.
32Dr. Manju AgarwalProfessor17-07-2014MBBS, DGO30 Years
33Er. Pavan KumarAsstt. Prof.01-08-2015M.Tech7 Years
34Er. Deependra ChoudharyAsstt. Prof.05-08-2019B.Tech, LLB11 Years